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A fishing rod is more than just a piece of tackle it is the part of fishing that becomes an extension of yourself. After over a decade of Rod building and the pursuit of perfection FishNFX is now providing the Gold Series rod line in addition to the custom rods that have created so much success over the years made with only the finest Bushido Toray carbon fiber rod blanks and the American tackle microwave guides! (The most award-winning product in the fishing industry ever!) You know that quality went into every component that matters and will immediately see why FishNFX is so highly regarded.

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We believe the rod of your dreams should be the rod in your hand. It is time to invest in yourself and your recreation. With a lifetime of experience and rod and tackle craft, FishNFX offers professional and recreational anglers with the finest products made of the finest materials currently on the market. Our FishNFX Gold Series brings a custom rod quality to the ready-to-order market.

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