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FishNFX 4 in 1 Drink cooler

FishNFX 4 in 1 Drink cooler

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At its core, the Vibe Tumbler is a testament to modern innovation. The integrated 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker system transforms this everyday item into a portable audio powerhouse. Imagine sipping your morning coffee or hydrating with your favorite cold beverage while immersing yourself in your favorite tunes, podcasts, or audiobooks. The seamless integration of a high-quality Bluetooth speaker adds an entirely new dimension to your on-the-go experience, turning every moment into a symphony of sound.

This VIBE 4-IN-1 Drink Cooler is a highly functional and useful insulated Tumbler featuring double-wall stainless steel insulation to effectively maintain the temperature of 12oz standard-size cans, skinny cans, bottles, and your favorite mixed drink.

With a removable 3.7-watt Bluetooth Speaker for washing the drink cooler separately.

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